High School Student-Athlete Services

NCAA Recruiting Assistance

Getting recruited by a college, especially by an NCAA-sanctioned school, is one of the biggest honors a high school player can receive. However, there are only a limited amount of scholarships available each year and getting noticed is becoming more and more competitive.

We want all of our clients to get the best education possible, while continuing to participate in the sports that they love. We work hard to make each of our athletes one of the lucky few to gain a college scholarship.

Services include:

  • Online Profile
  • Intro/Follow-Up Letters
  • Highlight Films

Paramount College Prep

Paramount College Prep is designed to help the athlete and family understand the NCAA rules for progressing from being a high school athlete to a student-athlete in college.

Services include:

  • ACT and SAT preparation
  • NCAA Clearinghouse Assistance
  • College Application and Admissions Process
  • Financial Aid (FAFSA) Assistance
  • Paramount Sports L.L.C.

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