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It takes countless hours to become an elite athlete and by enrolling in Paramount Sports Performance Division, the athlete will get the special attention needed to do just that.

Paramount Sports Performance Division offers the following services:

Camps and Clinics

The Paramount Sports Performance Division offers sports camps and instructional clinics throughout the year. Please continue to check out our events page for upcoming camps and clinics. Our camps and clinics give you the tools needed to become an elite athlete. We provide you with drills and techniques that you can take home and use to improve on your own.

Performance Enhancement Training

Should you desire assistance with your athletic training needs, Paramount Sports provides and has countless contacts within the sports industry that can provide you with the highest level of sport-specific training. We are able to provide access to many training facilities. We also have contacts providing injury support and physical therapy.

We make personal instruction convenient for you. Our qualified coaches have the ability to come to your home, gym, local park, or other location of your choice to provide one-on-one, group, or team training when YOU want it.

All Paramount Sports coaches and partners will be experienced and qualified instructors to reduce the associated risk of the sport.

Private Sports Lessons

Private Lessons are highly organized workouts that focus on a player’s overall sports skills. Drills are game-like and will produce a marked improvement in each player. All lessons will be taught by instructors who have proven abilities in both teaching and playing your chosen sport. All of our coaches are former professional or collegiate athletes who understand the importance of gaining an advantage over the competition.

All Paramount Sports coaches and partners will be experienced and qualified instructors to reduce the associated risk of the sport.

NFL Draft and Combine Preparation

A great performance at the NFL Combine and NFL Scouting Pro Days are a major step to achieving your dreams as an NFL player. These events give you an opportunity to display your true professional potential. The difference can have an impact on millions of dollars.

In Paramount Sports NFL Draft Preparation Program, up to 10 weeks of your life is dedicated to learning how to master each specific test to maximize both your NFL Combine and Pro Day performance.

Regardless of whether you train with our staff or one of our partners, you will maximize your potential with proven training methods to enhance your speed, strength, power and agility.

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