Shoutout to my boy, Sean White. If God blesses me and I become a major player, he is someone who kept me motivated when times got tough. He is truly a "friend".

-Donald Langley, 2012 NFL Draft Prospect

“From working out with Sean I felt an increase in agility and speed. From the dynamic series of exercises, drills, and stretching that Sean's program put me through I felt more confident in all areas of my game.”

-Michael Myers, Former Colorado State Running Back

Sean White is an amazing fitness instructor as well as a mentor.  His training program helped me with agility, speed, strength, conditioning and overall understanding with the game of football.  Not only did we do a variation of new challenging drills every day, but we worked on stuff that is vital for my position

Sean is also a great mentor that gives you great positive advice.  He made sure that I always saw the positive out-look of things, no-matter how bad the situation.  As for me, in a bad situation he told me to "put it in God's hands."  That single quote from Sean turned my whole attitude around.

-Bakers University, Defensive Back

Working and training with Paramount Sports and Sean White was a great experience. Sean made me a better player mentally and physically. He is also the person you want to come to when things get rough during the season. He won’t just help you with what’s happening on the field, but also with motivating you to keep your head up through ALL things and stay positive off of the field!

-University of Southern Cal, Defensive Back

Acceleration training gave me a great edge. It moved everything forward: my athleticism, competition and football skills, mentally and physically. My goal is to reach the NFL, and Paramount's program will help me reach it!

-Quinton Hancock, Former University of Tennessee Wide Receiver
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